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Optimized One-Stop Solution for Waste Carbon Type/Outlet Conditions/Use

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2024 Hannover Messe in Germany

Updated: May 13

Carbon Value & Sunbo Unitech

2024 Hannover Messe in Germany

Carbon Value participated in and promoted the Hannover Messe exhibition in Hanover, Germany, from 2024.04.22 to 26.


[Brochure Topic]

This picture means mixing CO2 with Solvent. This Technologies are the main technologies of RPB(Rotating Packed Bed) and SV-S3(Propriety Solvent) of Carbon Value's. You can see more information in the brochure below.


Carbon Value has released the new updates on CO2 capture system and a new solvent. This update showed more advanced than what is showed at the time of KORMARINE. It also introduced and promoted a new solvent (SV-S3) that hadn't been shown before.

Carbon Value promoted a bench-scale CO2 capture system, and a proprietary solvent called CV-S3.


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Carbon Value showed two types of CO2 capture systems


[Rotating packed bed CO2 capture system (left), Pressure Swing Adsorption CO2 capture system. (Right)]

Carbon Value has collaborated with Sunbo Unitech. Carbon Value and Sunbo Unitech introduced the CO2 Capture system and H2 Gen, respectively.


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