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- Rotating Packed Bed CO2 Absorber.

- High gas flowrate in a compact volume.

- RPB stripper and Ultrasonic reboiler in single highly efficient unit for CO2 release.

- Unique designs for offshore and onshore application versions.


RPB Lab Scale System


Compact absorber solution with high gas processing capacity and G/L ratio

Improved CO2 absorption performance

Capable of handling various types of solvent including chemical, physical, viscous solvents, etc.

Optimally designed for ship motions, sloshing effect, etc.



Performing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to derive detailed internal flow and optimal structure.

The packing material inside the RPB System is a key factor in determining carbon dioxide capture performance.

Performed detailed flow analysis for various operating conditions.

(stream flow rate, rotating shaft speed, etc)

2023.08.14+S04_#03 (1).png

Packing Material

Reboiler design derived by ultrasonic application

Optimized internal structure and flow logic

Optimal reboiler design with efficient heat exchange

Ultrasound application with low operating temperature and reduced required regeneration energy (~50%)

Improved rich-solvent regeneration performance and durable solvent degradation

Ultrasonic Application Reboiler System


Our Solution is..

Maximized capture through packing structure design and rotational force.
"Based on exhaust gas throughput Absorption Tower 11x, Regeneration Tower 67x Dramatic volume reduction solution"

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