From Conceptual Design to EPC, Korea's Sole One-Stop Waste Carbon-to-Product Total Solution Provider


Carbon Value believes that converting and utilizing Waste Carbon into more valuable product is the most important goal to achieve towards the Era of Carbon Neutrality.
  • In order to achieve Carbon Neutrality in 2050, the Korean government aimed to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% in 2030 compared to 2018, and it is not an easy goal considering the domestic industrial structure and the short period from the peak of Carbon Emissions to Carbon Neutrality.
  • Accordingly, the Carbon Emission Trading System has been in effect since 2015, and the government's strong commitment to Carbon Neutrality Policy is reflected by introducing additional Carbon Border Taxes and Carbon Taxes.
  • Carbon Value provides the sustainable and unique One-Stop Total Solution in the Carbon Capture Market, where demand has increased rapidly to realize Carbon Neutrality.
  • 1 Modular design suitable for distributed Waste Carbon emission sources

  • 2 Optimum solution according to various characteristics of Waste Carbon

  • 3 Integrated management for converted product transportation