Optimized One-Stop Solution for Waste Carbon Type/Outlet Conditions/Use


We will become Global Solution company that provides optimal measures to customers in line with the Era of Carbon Neutrality.
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Carbon Value is a company that provides solutions for converting Waste Carbon into a more valuable product in accordance with the Era of Carbon Neutrality.

Solution companies place the highest importance to solving real problems on-site. Our industrial customers trust us with their problem, which we thoroughly analyze andprovide customized solutions in the form of technology development direction and business strategy.

We vow to meet the needs of our customers and grow together in the Era of Carbon Neutrality through Carbon Value's Future Solutions...

Thank you.

Carbon Value Co., Ltd. CEO Deoksoo Ko


March 17, 2021: Carbon Value Co. Ltd., Foundation

Patent, Certification, Award

  • April 2021

    Selected U-STAR 5th
  • May 2021

    Selected U-STAR 5th
  • July 2021

    Attracted Seed Investment with Sunbo Industries Co., Ltd and UBEC
  • August 2021

    Awarded for Environmental Entrepreneurship Competition
  • September 2021

    Selected U-STAR Global 4th
  • November 2021

    Selected SK EcoPlant Con-Tech Meet-up Day