Carbon Capture

  • PSA

    • Adsorbent-based CO2 capture and liquefaction system
    • It is the only solution in Korea that uses its own software to manufacture devices through PSA source design.
    • Self-adsorbent and mid- to long-term optimization plans
  • Scrubber

    • Absorbent-based CO2 capture and liquefaction system
    • Improving efficiency through specialized modular design and internal design such as Mellapak
    • Possess alternative solvent for Amine
  • Cryogenic

    • Cryogenic CO2 capture and liquefaction system
    • Possess own process design (near Air Liquid)

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis

Modular-Cogenerative Pyrolysis System Decentralized Pyrolysis Business Model

- Pilot Scale
- Shipping Container Size
- Experimental Know-How

Pyrolysis Oil Yield

- 0.7-0.85 L/kg feed

Waste Plastic Treatment

- 60~100kg/day

Carbon Value is a company that provides solutions for converting Waste Carbon into a more valuable product in accordance with the Era of Carbon Neutrality.

We vow to meet the needs of our customers and grow together in the Era of Carbon Neutrality through Carbon Value's Future Solutions...